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Oyster Results

Check out the performance of the Equitimax Oyster portfolio below

We provide Equitimax Oyster to SCM that then in turn provide you with a FCA regulated and compliant structure to access the discretionary managed trading service available. Equitimax Managed Trading Service is provided by Stargate Capital Management Limited and arranged by 4X Asset Management Limited. 4X Asset Management Limited is an Appointed Representative of Stargate Capital Management Limited which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FRN: 191763).

Equitimax Oyster is a half discretionary set of strategies, based on an automated signal, which combines price setups and markets dynamics. The strategies use the daily timeframe to identify trading opportunities and the lower timeframes are used for entry and exit optimization. The execution phase is a manual process to add an extra filter to identify and apply those potentially higher quality entries triggered initially by the automated signal technology.  The positions can be kept open from few days to several days, depending on the market move, with possible fractional closing at different levels. Focus is on staying in the trades for longer, if the structure of the move continues.

You can also choose to have all available strategies added onto your account at the same time, meaning you would receive the combined performance of all available strategies. To find out more about how this works click here.

Equitimax can provide you with daily trading reports of the current performance statistics on the Oyster portfolio.

This includes:

  • An up to the minute report of how the portfolio is performing.
  • A historical report that details all trades executed on the portfolio to verify its performance.

To request a copy of the latest regulated performance reports please enter your details below.

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The Equitimax trading strategies have achieved returns of over 50% per annum for investors.

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