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Archived Results

Check out the historical performance on the Equitimax Tiger portfolio below.

The Tiger Portfolio was offered through a compliant and regulated structure in Australia through Equitimax Capital PTY Limited. Equitimax acted as an Authorised Representative of Synergy Financial Markets Pty Ltd AFSL 403863 under the Authorised Representative number 001000090. To view the Australian authorised representative documentation click here

The Tiger Portfolio targeted monthly gross returns of 5% and achieved a gross compounded return of 152.45% over 18 months. Equitimax stopped offering this trading strategy in May 2015 when an award winning funds management company (Synergy Financial Markets PTY Limited) took it over.

The Tiger portfolio used a different trading strategy to the strategy deployed on other Equitimax strategies and therefore the performance of this strategy has no relationship whatsoever with regards to the potential performance of any other strategy being offered by Equitimax. The Tiger Portfolio was regulated and licensed in Australia and is not associated with Stargate Capital Management or 4X Asset Management.

***To view the performance of the Tiger Portfolio click here***


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