About Us

Equitimax is a global high yield trading firm specialising in currency exchange.

view3We pride ourselves on the results we achieve for investors.

With a global presence our experts manage the trading accounts of investors worldwide. Our results speak for themselves, find out how we are performing here.

Our experts currently manage hundreds of thousands of pounds from private investors every single month.

The team behind Equitimax have over 20 years worth of trading experience and have made millions during this time. It is this know-how and continue drive to excel that has allowed us to provide you with automated and managed trading services.

Our goal is to make our services available for all classes of investors. This includes you

Equitimax research and development team spent over 6 years mastering and developing high performance algorithmic technology. Algorithmic trading is no longer exclusive to large institutions. Find out here how it was developed and how our experts manage investors accounts to aim to achieve high yield returns.


For those that are familiar with currency exchange the attraction of high returns continues to lure people into this marketplace. Equitimax aims to provide investors with the high yield returns trading offers while you learn how to trade. The returns available here are only a fraction of what is available compared with trading yourself however the Equitimax managed trading service has proved to be a great stepping stone for those who enter this market.

Our goal is simple and clear:

“To provide you with an honest and transparent high yield opportunity while making consistently stable profits”


“To protect your capital while providing a consistent and profitable experience.”

It is within our interests to continue to invest into our trading strategies to achieve continue profits as you only pay us if your account is profitable.

The key benefits of what we offer:

  • Your money is in your own account (only you can access your money)
  • 100% Transparency
  • 80% Capital Protection Model
  • Instant Access To Your Money
  • We succeed together and you only pay us from profits of your account

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20 years ago I started trading and together with my expert team have made millions.

My name is Derek (Head Fund Manager here at Equitimax) and I have trained hundreds of new traders and now manage the trading accounts of numerous private investors.

However as a visitor to Equitimax I appreciate you might not have any experience of trading.

If this is you, you can be excused for....

.....keep reading