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No fees to join and you only pay based on

the performance of your investment

About Us

Equitimax Managed Trading Service is provided by Stargate Capital Management Limited and arranged by 4X Asset Management Limited. 4X Asset Management Limited is an Appointed Representative of Stargate Capital Management Limited which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FRN: 191763).

In 2015 Equitimax offered a managed trading service through a compliant and regulated structure in Australia through Equitimax Capital PTY Limited. Equitimax acted as an Authorised Representative of Synergy Financial Markets Pty Ltd AFSL 403863 under the Authorised Representative number 001000090. To view the Australian authorised representative documentation click here

view3We pride ourselves on deploying trading strategies that aim to maximise profits for investors in a compliant and regulated structure provided by SCM.

Hundreds of investors across the world have accessed the trading strategies we provide.

The Equitimax team include institutional traders and industry experts with over 50 years combined trading experience. It is this know-how and continue drive to maximise profits that has resulted in hundreds of investors choosing to access the Equitimax trading strategies.

Here at Equitimax we provide Stargate Capital Management (SCM) with our latest strategies and research who in turn then provide you with a FCA regulated and compliant structure to access the discretionary managed trading service available.

For those that are familiar with currency exchange the attraction of the potential profits available continues to attract people into this marketplace. Equitimax aims to bridge the gap for individuals who don’t have the time available to learn how to trade by providing them with a solution where you can access the potential profits the markets offer.

Our goal is simple and clear:

To provide smart investors with access to trading strategies that are capable of greater returns in a compliant and regulated environment


To develop trading strategies that are capable of greater returns.

Whilst providing you access to a risk management system that allows you to select the amount of capital you are willing to risk for this type of investment, due to a system that uses its best endeavours (under normal market conditions) to terminate trading if it reaches the level you set. Available up to 80% of your deposit.

The key benefits of what we offer:

  • Your Money Is In Your Own Broker Account
  • 100% Transparency
  • You Can Access Your Money At Anytime
  • No Fees To Join And You Only Pay Based On The Performance Of Your Investment

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